Switch On/Off DMX 512 1/4 ch
Switch On/Off Dmx 512 new Line P&P, manages a power up to 3000 Watts. Versions to 1ch, 2 ches, 4 ches with feeding unbalanced trifase. Entry and exit through thread, fuse of protection. Connections Dmx to 3 poles canon to application 5 poles. Display to 7 red segments, management through pulsating formulation channel, signaling wrong polarity. Invertitore of polarity. Loom with angular profile radiated in patented aluminum with inside takings of air and plate in steel, is not present openings in the plates. Product conforming to the prescriptions of the directive LVDs-EMC-RoHS-Us. Recorded and patented model.
Power supply 220 Vac / 50 Hz (120 Vac / 60 Hz on demand)
Power 3000 Watt
Power Supply Cable Included
Color Alluminium
Dimension 18 x 412 x 13 cm
Weight 2 Kg