A Snow machine with flake regulation. Thanks to a "tromboncino" 2HP engine with three stage, double insulation its power can be wholly exploited. The proper operation of this machine is further granted by a steady depression, that's why this machine doesn't require any suction pump for the liquid. The result is a highly professional product with excellent performance and low cost maintenance. The machine works with a special called liquid SHOW SNOW that comes sold in a ready to use solution or concentrated with dilution of 5%. This non- toxic liquid does not stain or cause irritation to skin and eyes, DERMATOLOGICAL TESTED. The tank is located on the rear of the body and has a capacity of over 5 litres. Inside the tank, which is provided with a cap and under cap with a total width of 130 mm to make it easier to fill up with the machine with liquid, there are pneumatic valves for pressure delivery and return. With 5 litres of ready to use liquid and the flake regulator wholly open, this machine can work for 22 minutes, non stop. It is provided with the new voltage inlet connector, specially designed for our products. It has two on line, 6.3 Amp. T fuses together with its anti frequency filter, especially designed by Mr. GIGLIO. SNOW JET, a real compact and light machine, can throw the flake as far as 8 metres, thanks to its powerful engine. It can be used with a ROTOR BOX in order to get a snowfall with an 8 metre diameter. This equipment complies with the essential requirements of the European Union directive LVD - EMC - RoHS - CE and safety regulations. Patented model and registered trademark
Power supply 220 Vac / 50 Hz (120 Vac / 60 Hz on demand)  
Power 1300 Watt CONSUMABLE
Power Supply Cable Included
Autonomy 22 minuts  
Tank capacity 5 lt ACCESSOIRES
Color Black
Dimension 51 x 23,5 x 32H  
Weight 9 Kg  
New card in DMX Display LCD blu\white 16 x 2
Double processor for transmission given.
Interchanging card with other products
Operation in automatic modality with formulation customer
Management functionality from panel or in marks
Compatibility DMX the 512 with all telephones exchange.