Giglio Moroder Production
The LEDs are used more and more in circle I illuminate technical and of Show, they represents the constant evolution of new innovative techniques developed in the field of the illumination both civilian how industrial and of the Professional Show Live. Today various types of LED that allow angles of field that have varied since 4 to the 120 and a bright surrender equal to the incandescence lamps exist, over whether to have the advantage of a greater surrender and constancy of the chromatic surrender and a smaller dispersion of heat that it doesn't send forth the rays IR and UV. Not and present in the LEDs the mercury. The various feeding from 3 to 24 Vdcs. They ignite through feeders Switching. Quality of issue of saturated colors, creations of dynamic colors with variation of color RGB, lasted of operation over 50.000 hours, possibility to add opticses to tall surrender in plastics. Operation in safety because in low tension, lighting without vibrations and to low temperatures up to - 40 without problems. The duration of life of the LED is not influenced by the number of accensioni/spegnimenti. Costs of maintenance don't exist, united to a high-performance, if compared lamps and alogene to the incandescence. I include some diagrams of light that underline the possibilities of endless of variations of colors and obtainable tones with the LEDs RGB.

The Firm Engineering Lily MORODER PRODUCTION, always careful to the new evolutions of the technology from over 3 years it develops systems of lighting LED RGB for the show, I have developed a series of centraline of command piloted by the signal DMX 512, the same ones you are been used in launchings Tour Mondiali. LAURA PAUSINI World TOUR 2009 and from RENATO Zero 2009, introduce today a new centralina of interface for the pilotage of 4 channels with a maximum power of 10 Amp for channel that can correctly feed up to 100 linear meters STRIP LED RGB 12 Vdcs in 4 channels separate of 25 meters each. Fruit of a constant study and an investment contemplated Profession of the Show and Live to the sector. An ample range of versions and devoted solutions are available to application of the client. The quality of the furnished product has been made a will and certified by the clients that you/they have purchased my product and they confirm its functionality, the qualities of reliability of job and resistance of it in Shows and Tour Live. A particular study is devoted to the development of new technologies by to apply LED RGB and a constant to the illumination search of new functional and efficient LED more and more.