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foam machine from the design of MINIUMS GUN FUN. Equipped with 4 special motors purposely constructed in order to obtain the maximum pressure and a fan from 1HP inserted in the space motor with impellers to give the highest pressure in order launch the ribbon foam beyond 8 meters. The special motors were purposely constructed in order to obtain the maximum pressure with equal power to 2HP, the consumption and par to 1300W to 230V 50Hz. The equipped motor and three version stage upsets some against rotary in double isolation, all the power distributed from the motor is used beyond 110%. The motors are fed from the a filter of radio frequency a new construction to give the highest discouragement of emission of radio frequency, every motor is fed from its filter mounted in the stirrup of implantation to the body machine. The machine comes supplied with one pump for immersion with an external shell in plastic and motor material in stainless steel. The pump feeds the 4 motors correctly and supplies the gallery and the connections to the necessary graft for the machine to operate come giving the equipment a regulator of flow for regulation of the foam amount. The maximum distribution for this varied model for water and its dilution varies from the 6/8m3 to the minute. The machine comes fed from two tension feedings 230V 50Hz, one the advanced motors and second the inferior motors and the impeller, ignition is through two switches inserted in the posterior panel of the machine from 16 Amp. The machine works with a special called liquid SHOW FOAM that comes sold in concentrated solution, its dilution can vary from a percentage of 2% to a liquid maximum of 6% depending on the hardness of water being used. This non- toxic liquid does not stain or cause irritation to skin and eyes, DERMATOLOGICAL TESTED. The machine is sold with its plan of support and is possible to carry out the regulation of the launch angle, and position of rest the machine thanks to the special realized stirrup which allow it to be transported in a vertical position for minor blocks to occur in the transportation and to occupy little space, in the base there are 4 fortified brake wheels, in the advanced top of the body of the machine an emergency hook can be allocated with a M12 hinge screwed to the body of the machine, which also allows the machine to be hung to one structure American. This equipment complies with the essential requirements of the European Union directive LVD - EMC - RoHS - CE and safety regulations. Patented model and registered trademark
Power supply 220 Vac / 50 Hz (120 Vac / 60 Hz On Demand)  
Power 6000 Watt CONSUMABLE
Power pump 450 W
Power Supply Cable Included  
Production 6/8 mt cube to minut  
Dimension 110 x 75 x 115H cm
Weight 70 Kg  
Weight pump 5.5 Kg