A totally new bubble machine: the air produced by the fan is directed into the eyelet of the blade, in order to avoid any kind of dispersion of fluid onto the floor. The created bubbles measure from 0.5 to 5 cm. This machine works with a special, ready to use liquid that has to be poured into the appropriate tank on the front of the machine. The capacity of the tank is about 800 cc, so the machine can continuously work for about 2 hours. In order to have the machine work properly, special liquid called SHOW BUBBLE is only recommended and is sold as a ready to use solution. This non- toxic liquid does not stain or cause irritation to skin and eyes, it's DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. This equipment complies with the essential requirements of the European Union directive LVD - EMC - RoHS - CE and safety regulations. Patented model and registered trademark.Low voltage ( 12V ) bubble machine that doesn't require power supply. Thanks to its 12V lead battery with direct current DC, it is wholly autonomous and can work in any situation. It has been especially designed for amusement parks , schools, choreographies, settings for fashion shows, weddings, special events, openings and at any time a bubble machine without electricity might be required. Thanks to its powerful, 12V battery, this machine can work continuously for longer than 3 hours and it is supplied with battery charger with clutch set for polarity. Behind the machine, there is an ON\OFF switch, there is an electronic card with a two colour special diode informing whether the machine is working properly and on thebattery status. The electronic card also controls the speed both of the engine and of the fan. When the battery is discharged, the machine can be operated connecting in a plug at 230V 50Hz the battery charger supplied with the machine. It is also possible to have the machine work with mains voltage even if the battery is not charged.s
Power supply 12 Vcc / 4.5 A  
Battery Carge Included CONSUMABLE
Power Supply Cable Included
Capacity tank 800 ml  
Dimension 27 x 20 x 27H cm
Weight 4 Kg  
Autonomy with 800 m 2 hours