This snow machine, with its totally new, aggressive, impressive design has had its body carved out by a laser, it is nowadays the best that can be offered by mechanics and electronics applied to snow machines. The 2HP engine has been specially designed to get the maximum thrust pressure; thanks to its winding in double insulation and counter rotating, three-stage turbines, it keeps a steady and lasting pressure; the flakes are therefore launched as far as 10 meters. This machine has a new electronic system to automatically regulate the flake the result of an industrial patent invented through the control of an electronic card with DMX 512 and 0\10V. Inside the net connector there's a radio frequency filter which has been specially built for this machine, with on line protection provided by two 6.3 Amp. T fuses. Inside the body of the machine there is an 11 litre tank with a130 mm opening to make it easier to fill the machine with liquid. Thanks to the high capacity of its tank there are pneumatic valves for pressure delivery and return. This machine can continuously work for 1 hour with the flake regulation set to an average big flake. The electronic card, which controls the various functions of the engine, has a remote control with a wire 5 meters long, a slider to switch the machine ON\OFF and to electronically regulate the flake. The electronic card with DMX 512 signal can be operated with whatever gear case has DMX 512 signal after having previously checked the polarity of the input\output signal. This machine works with a special liquid called SHOW SNOW that can be sold either ready to use or be diluted at 5%. This non- toxic liquid does not stain or cause irritation to skin and eyes, DERMATOLOGICAL TESTED. This equipment complies with the essential requirements of the European Union directive LVD - EMC - Rosh - CE and safety regulations. Patented model and registered trademark
Power supply 220 Vac / 50 Hz (120 Vac / 60 Hz on demand) CONSUMABLE
Power 1300 Watt
Power Supply Cable Included  
Remote control 5 mt ACCESSOIRES
Color Black Blu
Dimension 45 x 25 x 59H  
Weight (Only machine) 16 Kg